What makes the Blob so badass, you ask? 

Despite the 61-year-old iconic flesh-eating alien being indescribable at best, here’s a list of 7 reasons (in no particular order) that prove why the Blob is a monster above the rest of the competition.

#1 .

Even without legs or wings, the Blob is always on the move in constant search of some great fast food. It has no mouth, no eyes, no stomach, yet it can detect and digest any animal in its path. It’s favorite meal? Humans, of course.


It’s insatiable. The Blob devours and dissolves people individually or by the hundreds–and becomes larger, redder, and more aggressive with each tasty morsel. No matter how many people it consumes, it only grows bigger to make room for more! 


It’s devious. It sneaks up on its victims without making a sound. If it touches you, there’s no way to get away from it. You can’t negotiate or persuade or distract the Blob from gobbling you up without so much as a burp.


The Blob’s not only indescribable, but it’s also indestructible. Nothing can destroy it. Not guns. Not fire. Not trichloroacetic acid. Not even electrocution. And, dare I say, no other monster known to man…


It’s a trickster. While it might look like a massive mound of Jell-O that’s good enough to eat, it’s actually a predator who is eyeing humans for its next meal, and it doesn’t even have eyes! 


The Blob has the power to heal itself. Cut it, dice it, blow it up, and it’s back to its good old self within seconds!


The Blob doesn’t have a brain, yet it can learn…quickly. AND if you merge two Blobs together, it can telepathically transmit its knowledge instantly to the other, making it extremely hard to outsmart it. 

So, can anything stop the Blob? 

Only freezing cold temperatures can stop the Blob, which is why it was taken away to the Arctic to protect the public from harm. But if climate change continues to cause the glaciers to melt, the Blob will be unleashed on civilization once again.

And if that happens, be sure to run, don’t walk!