Welcome back to the Blob Blog! A lot has happened since we launched last month, and we will always keep you informed about up-to-the-minute details regarding The Blob and other films from Worldwide Entertainment Corporation. But we also feel that it is our sworn duty to be the site that offers you all the latest on what is happening throughout the sci-fi universe.

The Grandaddy: San Diego Comic-Con

Perhaps the most popular sci-fi/comic book event ever is Comic-Con International, the granddaddy of annual comics’ conventions and a virtual sci-fi mecca, held annually in San Diego every July. And this year, as always, the event was an earth-shaking success. Read more about it HERE.

L.A. Pre Comic-Con Bash

The BlobBloggers were on hand for the sensational Pre-Comic-Con bash in Los Angeles, hosted by INFOLIST.com. Celebrating all things comic book, fantasy, sci-fi and cosplay, INFOLIST’s pre-Comic-Con party is a networking event extraordinaire where industry professionals mingle with their fans and everyone has an otherworldly good time. The event was held in the Los Angeles Arts District’s newest venue, the Wisdome Immersive Dome Park, which enabled exhibitors to show off their spectacular special effects. INFOLIST’s guest list was comprised of many of the top creators, directors, actors, artists, and writers in the sci-fi/comic book business. Comic-Con co-founder Mike Towry was on hand for the occasion and other headliners included Game of Thrones’ Emmy-winning art director, Rob Feng, X-Men
screenwriter David Hayter, Iron Man 3 and The Predator’s writer-director Shane Black, and DreamWorks Animation’s award-winning art director Ellen Jin. Also attending were other top names in their fields from Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment, Tokyopop, Blumhouse Studios, and many, many more. See HERE for lots of fun highlights and interviews from this memorable event.

20th Annual Blobfest Highlights

Last month, we told you about the 20th Annual BLOBFEST that arrived in Phoenixville, PA in July. The event landed on the weekend of July 12th-14th and proved to be the best BLOBFEST blast yet! If you couldn’t attend the fabled frightful festivities this year, we’re here to share some of the horrific highlights.

BLOBFEST kicked off with a Friday Night Stage Show followed by the popular “Run-Out” reenactment at the Colonial Theatre, the site where this famously fun scene from The Blob was shot.

With only 350 tickets available for the ever-popular Run-Out, the event sold out within two minutes. And for the first time in Run-Out history, The Colonial Theatre opened the balcony to “99 intrepid creepers, sliders and gliders” who gained the privilege of being the last to “ooze out” of the theatre to safety on the street, where thousands of festival-goers cheered them on. The recreation was captured by a slew of news crews on hand to document the fun.

Re-enacting the run-out scene during Blobfest. Img Src: https://flic.kr/p/fc5HdT

With the adrenaline still pumping, this event was followed by the bizarre Blob Ball, where everyone joined in to trip the light fantastic deep into the Friday night witching hour. Enthusiastic fans delighted in all the fright-filled festival fun that included numerous sites to be seen and events to attend. Screenings of The Blob and other legendary horror classics played throughout the weekend. Saturday’s Street Fair was one of the many alluring attractions as vendors brought in their out-of-this-world creations to tantalize crowds on the lookout for wild and weird wares to buy. The costume contest remained a creepy crowd pleaser this year, and fans ooh-ed and ahh-ed the eerie atmosphere enhanced by the presence of the original red silicone “menace” itself. Festivalgoers also had the chance to get up close and hands-on with some of the actual cars and the fire truck that were used in The Blob. As always, the 20th Annual BLOBFEST was a rollicking blast from the past!

Long Beach Comic-Con Aug 31 – Sept 1

It’s been a sizzling hot summer for comic book and sci-fi lovers alike and for all those who love to celebrate their favorite heroes and villains with a splash. But sci-fi partying is a year-round activity, and we will keep you informed about upcoming events to put on your calendar and bring you highlights of events that you are unable to attend. Heads up to Southern California: Long Beach Comic-Con is arriving at the Long Beach Convention Center on August 31st-September 1st. See you there?!?