87 minutes

Starring Larry Hagman, Cindy Williams

Rated: PG

The Picture that J.R. Shot – a fantastic, horror/comedy.

Geologist Godfrey Cambridge brings home a piece of the frozen Blob from the Antarctic; it accidentally thaws.  Gwynne Gilford arrives at his house to see Godfrey dissolving beneath the pulsating mass. Gwynne hotrods to Robert Walker’s cabin and drags him back to Godfrey’s house.  There are no signs of the Blob or its victim. 

Gwynne and Robert return to the car and park.  Suddenly, the Blob oozes all over her car.  Robert protectively hugs Gwynne.  The Blob leaves as suddenly and silently as it came.

Robert and Gwynne race to the tournament-crowded bowling alley.  They warn the bowlers of the danger, but the Blob surges into the bowling lanes.  The screaming crowds burst out of the bowling alley into the adjoining ice rink, which is closed for repairs.

Sheriff Webb and his deputy enter and shoot the indestructible creature.  The unharmed Blob gets the deputy.  The Sheriff escapes outside and prepares to burn the building down.

Back inside, Robert, in panic, tips over an ice chest on the invading Blob “fingers” coming through the floor.  The Blob fingers recede.  The Blob can’t stand cold.