Bone (1976)

Bone (1976)

90 minutes

Starring Yaphet Kotto, Andrew Duggan, Joyce Van Patten

Rated: R

Don’t be Scared of Bone, be Terrified!

When Los Angeles’ most famous used car salesman Bill and his wife Bernadette discover a rat stuck in the drain of their swimming pool, Bone comes out of nowhere and saves the day killing the rat with his bare hands. He soon forces his way into the couple’s Beverly Hills home, terrorizing them and demanding money. Bone realizes that these apparently well-to-do people are broke, and deeply estranged. He sends Bill out to the bank to get money. Bill sees this is an opportunity to get out of an unhappy marriage. Bone threatens Bernadette, but cannot go through with raping her. Insulted, she demands to know why, and manages to seduce him. Bone and Bernadette join forces to hunt down Bill and murder him for the insurance money. But when Bone becomes appalled at “white man’s violence” and can’t go through with it, Bernadette kills Bill.