Kill The Shogun (1981)

Kill The Shogun (1981)

99 minutes

Starring David Kang

Rated: R

Breath-Taking Martial Arts Action

In 1904, Korea had fallen under the heel of the Japanese invader.  The Korean armed forces have surrendered.  Shogun Hazikara attacks Han, an unarmed Korean guard, with a Samurai sword and is disarmed and disrobed by the lightening fast imperial guardsman who flees, only to encounter thirty of the occupying forces.  Han is seriously wounded, but escapes. Han is rescued by Geisha Jiyon, who hides him away at a mountain retreat to recuperate.  She is captured by the Shogun’s forces and he uses her as a hostage, offering to release her if Han comes back for discussion.  Han returns and is immediately imprisoned by the Shogun, who agrees to release him if he wins a martial arts fight to the death. 

A bloody tournament begins with Han defeating three Japanese champions.  The Shogun calls in four more champions who are in turn defeated by Han.  Frustrated by this invincible fighter, the Shogun calls in ten more of his best.  All ten are vanquished in a violent bout with Han. Will Han live to see his country free again?