61 minutes

Starring Narcisco Menta, Inez Moreno

Rated: PG

A Thriller To Turn Your Dreams To Screams.

Two of Edgar Allan Poe’s masterpieces are integrated into this thriller.

THE STRANGE CASE OF MR. VALDEMAR.  Dr. Ekstrom, a dedicated physician and expert hypnotist, learns that his friend Valdemar has just a few months to live. Ekstrom hypnotizes him just prior to death, then calls Dr. Chambers and Dr. McCaffrey to witness the condition of Valdemar.  They arrive to find the corpse in perfect preservation.  They accuse Ekstrom of embalming.  Ekstrom brings forth the voice of Valdemar, who says, “I am dead.” Valdemar is put to final rest, and his body decomposes before our eyes.

THE CASK OF AMONTILLADO.  Young singer Marice, descends upon the village of Burgundy.  He performs to the delight of middle-aged vineyard owner, Samivet, and his pretty, restless wife, Teresa. Maurice and Teresa become involved.

Samivet invites Maurice to taste the wines in his wine cellar.  Samivet draws a mug of Amontillado.  Maurice quaffs the wine, but passes out.  Maurice awakens in chains.  Samivet bricking up the area, claims he knows of the illicit actions of Maurice and Teresa.  He has placed Maurice in perpetual proximity to Teresa.  Samivet raises the drowned Teresa from within the Amontillado cask by her hair.