NYMPH (1974)

NYMPH (1974)

80 minutes

Starring Peggy Kramer, Burton Dunning

Rated: R

Good Times Turn Gruesome and Nymph Runs Wild!

Tommy, at a college “grass, music and girls” party has been phoned by his mother and instructed to, “go and find your father.”  Cathy thumbs a ride with Tommy as they set out for a smallish, hidden cabin in the upper peninsula where his father always stays. 

On the way north in hunting country, their car breaks down and “friendly” hunters offer to help them and warm them up back at their trailer.  The “friendly” hunters throw the boy out of the trailer and rape the girl.  The climax brings together boy, girl, father, the bad fellows who raped the girl, and the doleful, close-up eyes of an extremely dead deer in a fusillade of high-powered bullets.