Paradisio (1962)

Paradisio (1962)

82 minutes

Starring Aurthur Howard, Eva Waegner

Sex Comedy

Rated: R

He Looks Through Glasses and Sees Bare Asses – in 3D!

In London, Professor Sims receives a pair of glasses and a note from his just departed friend to deliver same to Munich. Sims jumps on his motor scooter and heads for Germany. When Sims puts on the glasses by mistake while watching a pastoral scene, he discovers a strange thing — a heard of sheep moves slowly across the landscape sans wool. Wool is invisible to the wearer of the glasses as are the clothes of the shepherdess. Off he goes to Munich.

Sims doesn’t realize that a sexationally, seductive spy has been stalking him. She wants to get the glasses. She secretly poisons Sims beer, but a stranger drinks it. Sims takes off for Paris and finds another dead body. On to Venice. He makes contact and hands over the glasses. He returns to the man’s office later and finds the contact dead and the glasses missing. Finally Sims traces the glasses to Germany and after a fierce encounter with the seductive spy and two of her bad, brawny playmates, he retrieves the glasses and beats a hasty retreat to the Riviera, where he gets more than an “eyeful” of female inhabitants.