85 minutes

Starring Donna Michel

Rated: R

How Far Should A Girl Go To Get Her Man?

Henri Verdier, the youthful director of a bank, loves a beautiful young model, Karine.  Robert, who says he is Karine’s brother, gets her to introduce him to Verdier.  He recommends a business deal:  fifty million invested in the purchase of some uranium will, in a few days, more than double itself.  Verdier agrees to it and “borrows” bank funds.

He realizes that he has been duped; Karine isn’t Robert’s sister, she is a crook, too.  Verdier catches up with them and a violent scuffle breaks out on board a boat.  Threatened with a gun, Verdier listens to Robert’s proposal: to help in robbing his own bank.  He can recover the bank’s money he has lost.  Verdier  agrees.  Three masked men strike, grab a hundred million and cover their getaway with gunfire.  Verdier shows up for the pay-off.  Another fight breaks out, but this time Verdier wins.  Verdier makes it to the dock and forces Karine to get aboard the boat.  The police have pursued them in a launch.  Verdier is fatally wounded.