91 minutes

Starring Joe Warfield, Andrea Cagan

Rated: R

She is Ready to Try Anything.

Carrie, a beautiful and restless local girl is sixteen.  She is overwhelmed by the presence of the movie company in her “hick” town.  She quickly attaches herself to the Hollywood group, making a play for Eddie, the young leading man.

Carey and her parents argue about her relationship with Eddie.  She tells her father not to worry, she is on the Pill.  She leaves home and hitchhikes to the movie location. Billy Hazelrod, the director, doesn’t care what kind of chances he takes with his cast to achieve the right mood. Billy finally pushes too far when the kids go wild and totally wreck a little grocery store, and someone is accidentally killed by Eddie.  Carey finds Eddie, and the two of them run away together. 

A lesser ego would abandon the film, but not Billy.  By begging and cajoling, he reassembles the edgy cast.  He neglects to tell  Eddie that though the murder charge has been dropped, he is wanted for statutory rape and kidnapping of Carey. The first day of the new shooting, the police make a routine permit check which sets off a chase that can only end one way for Billy.  He gets his footage, but he won’t be around to see it.