The Blob (1958)

The Blob (1958)

85 minutes

Starring Steve McQueen, Aneta Corseaut, Earl Row

Rated: PG

Indescribable…Indestructible! Nothing Can Stop It!

When teenagers Steve (Steve McQueen) and Judy (Aneta Corseaut) notice a shooting star blaze down to earth, they hop in Steve’s car to see where it landed. They find an old man writhing in pain, his hand covered by a gelatinous substance. They leave him with the town doctor, who cannot help him as the substance spreads and engulfs the man. When the doctor and nurse are confronted, the doctor fires his gun at the Blob to no avail. Steve and Judy return to find a larger Blob with no sign of the doctor, nurse, or old man. Steve runs to the police, but the officers turn a deaf ear, thinking they are teenage pranksters. It isn’t long before they have to take the kids seriously when The Blob grows and terrorizes the city. People flood the streets in panic when The Blob invades a movie theatre. Steve and Judy find themselves trapped by The Blob in a diner and discover that it can be stopped by cold. Steve tells the police to rush every available fire extinguisher in town to the spot, freezing The Blob long enough for the government aid to come and transport it to the Antarctic frozen forever.