The Jade Dragon Connection (1987)

The Jade Dragon Connection (1987)

95 minutes

Starring Meredith Mac Rae, Victor Buono

Rated: R

Death Duel For the Priceless Idol!

Larry Crawford, a washed-up Air Force pilot is living by his wits in Taipei.  Larry meets Everett Maddox, a wealthy, American importer who has a plan to steal the famous Jade Dragon from The National Cultural Museum.  Larry has fallen in love with Maddox’s attractive secretary, Carolyn.  Others recruited for the scheme include, Ying Tai, assistant director of the museum, and her boyfriend, Chu.  The four gain access to the museum through the delivery of a worthless stone statue in Maddox’s collection.

The theft is a success.  The four are paid by Maddox and all is well…until it’s discovered that the payoff money is counterfeit.  A chase follows.  In a stunning climax, Larry and Chu get their man.