Comic Con arrived at the Los Angeles Convention Center on Friday, October 11th and ran through the weekend boasting lots of great panels and incredible sights to see. Not even last week’s California fires could keep this Blobblogger from attending this phenomenal event. As usual, the Cosplayers grabbed the spotlight, donning some amazing costumes that delighted all the enthusiastic Comic Con attendees. 

Here are my picks for the Top 10 Best Cosplay at the L.A. Comic Con:



The Joker always knows how to make a sidesplitting entrance with a smile, and these two jokers pulled off their Comic Con entrance with some fancy footwork and a whole lot of flashy fun. Actually, the second dancer is Robocop, and surprisingly the smoothly choreographed dance down the staircase was improvised on the spot by the two strangers.

Our thanks to Joker Man (@howtodraw) and the crimefighter (@robocop17art) for the footloose frolicking!



    Minecraft’s Enderman is a video game monster known as a mob. The mob has unique teleportation abilities and is often tall, dark, and thin with long legs, pinkish purple eyes and an affinity for blocks of all types. Endermen are usually pretty passive unless a player looks them in the eye or attacks them first, and then watch out! We’re sure you’ll agree @koki.kitsune makes a charming and well-dressed Enderman, but don’t be a blockhead…if you see one approaching, look away!

    # 8


    This ravishing redhead may be named Jessica Rabbit, but she sure is one “foxy” lady!!! Cosplayer @girlsgotrhythm quotes her famous animated alter-ego from the ever popular 1988 film Who Framed Roger Rabbit? by posting, “I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way.”

    We agree that she’s not bad, she’s a knockout!

    # 7


    May the force be with Star War’s Poe Dameron! @heyitshawkguy stands tall as Poe, the X-wing fighter pilot for the Resistance who first made his big screen appearance in 2015’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Proudly portraying the heroic Poe, this cosplayer says, “It was so great getting to be Poe Dameron again! I don’t wear Star Wars cosplays as much as I should considering how big a fan I am.”

    # 6


    There’s nothing scarier than the CW’s personification of speedster death, DC Comics character, The Black Flash. And cosplayer @zoomcwcosplay makes one eerily credible speedy supervillain. Watch out Barry Allen!

    The Flash is a popular spinoff from another DC TV series, Arrow, and it’s sixth season opener premiered on Tuesday, October 8th, just days before the arrival of L.A. Comic Con.

    # 5


    Wolverine (@therealweaponx) and two of his favorite femme fatales (@vm_cosplays, @thevhenix) add up to a triumphant trio as they become one of the Blob Blog’s Top 10 picks for Best Cosplay Costumes spotted at Los Angeles’s fan-glorious Comic Con celebration!

    # 4


    Trick or Treat!?! With Halloween just around the corner, no Comic Con event would be complete without an appearance from the sinister Halloween slayer, Michael Myers! And @immortalx_cosplay is frighteningly convincing as the dreaded demon. This Cosplayer seems to have his hands full, so chances are he won’t be coming to your door toting a trick or treat goodie bag on October 31st.

    # 3


    Game of Thrones may be off the airwaves, but it will forever live on in the hearts, minds, and closets of its huge fanbase. Keeping the Game lovingly alive, @electricbarb27 makes a striking Cersei Lannister, the wealthy and powerful Queen of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros.

    # 2


    You can count on Comic Con’s Cosplayers to give the upcoming holiday season a unique twist by gifting us with just a touch of spine-tingling glee! The Nightmare Before Christmas’s darling duo, Jack and Sally (as captured by brutal_betty), would love nothing better than to turn fantasy into reality as they work to swap Halloween’s fright fest for some Christmas cheer. This Cosplay couple appears to be having a hauntingly good time!

    # 1


    Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, who’s the most magnificent Maleficent of all!?!? Move over Angelina Jolie, the jaw-dropping @pelinyc is stunningly spellbinding as Disney’s Mistress of Evil! This is her second time cosplaying as @disneymaleficent, but as she reveals in her post, she really loves Maleficent’s new costume, so she upgraded to the new version.

    We’re sure you’ll all agree that she makes a wickedly wonderful fashion statement!

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