The Long Beach Comic Con was just held on August 31st – September 1st throughout Labor Day Weekend at the Long Beach Convention Center. As usual, it was a fun affair with comic books galore, one-of-a-kind collectible merch, and, of course, lots of cosplay!

It was really hard to pick my Top 10 fave cosplay costumes but after hours of going through Instagram pics, I managed to find the absolute best picks for those of you not fortunate enough to have been able to attend this fantastical event.


IT’s Pennywise doppelganger wasn’t clowning around when he made his appearance. Creeeeepy!


@ghawk50 and his heroic buddy make quite a dynamic team. And don’t they look “Marvel”-ous?!?

    # 8

    visionarts says, “Mess with one of us…you mess with ALL of us!” Spidey agrees.

    # 7

    Misselliehoneybee may be wondering what she did with her spoon. It’s a real head-scratcher!

    # 6

    Always a “Joker,” littlejcosplay was feeling true blue.

    # 5

    Whether you  know her as Diana Prince or or are mesmerized by Diana’s superheroic alter ego, Wonder Woman, @shotwhorephotography captured the fun of dc universe cosplay and this elusive beauty at lbcc2019.

    # 4

    x.marlyne.x quoted Pedro Calderon de la Barca when she said, “Green is the prime color of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises.” And Poison Ivy should know!

    # 3

    Misfitrosecosplay happily declared, “I was so excited to bring out my Madame Hydra again for #longbeachcomiccon2019. @dantepadre_photo, with help from @lightsmith_photo, he made sure it looked amazing as always with this shot! There will be more to come soon!”

    # 2

    Channeling Angel Aziraphale from Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s comic fantasy TV series, Good Omens, @ninaofasgard loves a strong cup o’ tea and a good book to help ward off the Apocalypse.

    # 1

    Thegoddamnbatmanuel is literally a scream to watch in his (Bat)Man Cave, so check out the video and have some fun!